Video Services

Videos are without doubt the best way of connection with your prospective customer. If you’re looking to sell your services or products online then videos are now the ultimate way of doing just that and if you’re still not sure then let me explain the benefits of video a little further.

With a static page of images and text you are really reliant on your web page copy being informative and entertaining as you’re prospective client will get bored very quickly otherwise. Now with a video it’s been proven that people will quite happily watch it all at least once which gives you a huge chance of getting your message across.

Now couple that with the power of social networking and Youtube, videos are fast becoming a truly powerful traffic boosting tool too. Youtube is now the second most popular search engine and we can guarantee that if you combine your videos with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter you will be amazed at not only the increased traffic your site will receive from those sites, but also the boost those new viral links will give your site in the natural rankings in Google.

So the fact that one simple video can help your business in so many ways the one question you should really be asking yourself now is how to contact us right now so we can help get people talking about YOUR business.

Product Video
Product videos are a brilliant way of not only generating traffic to your site but a major force in converting your browser into a buying customer. Having a video of the product next to the buy button will convert the customer into a buyer. The strange thing about that is the conversion rate increases even if they don’t watch the video. The reason we think this is so is the trust factor. The customer sees that you the retailer wants to enhance their experience and show the product off to its best so it breeds confidence.

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Portfolio Video
Are you a tradesman, roofer, kitchen fitter, decorator etc? Do you do what you can to show your prospective clients the quality of your work? Show them the styles and design ideas that will help them choose you as their contractor? If the answer is no then let us tell you how video can do all these things and more for you. If you’re a landscape gardener for example you may show some images of past projects on your site as examples of your work, and I know most don’t even do that, but if those same images with a little text were combined into a dynamic entertaining video would that make your site come to life and generate a lot more interest and get your phone ringing? The answer is yes without question so give us a call and let us see what we can do for you.

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Web Site Promotion Video
10 Years ago having a web site was a luxury, now your success pretty much depends on it. So getting your message across to each and every one of your prospective customers before they disappear into the internet void never to be seen again is your priority. Having a video on your homepage will grab and keep their attention giving you the best chance possible to impress and persuade them that your products and services are the best. People do love video and it’s been proven that they would gladly watch video rather than read text. Entertain, retain and gain is our motto here. Entertain your customers, retain their attention and in turn you will gain their trust and their custom.

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Submission to Video Sharing Sites
Submitting your videos to all the video sharing sites is a major part of your online marketing strategy. Uploading them to Youtube benefits you in so many ways that we need more than a couple of paragraphs but to give you an overview, there’s the traffic they will naturally bring you from the video sites themselves but, if the videos are picked up and promoted on the Social Networks you will not only get the traffic from those sites too but also better rankings in the search engines when they see all those new links. So without them being there you can see you will seriously damage the benefits of SEO not to mention stopping the traffic those videos will generate. If you’re not sure about how to go about it don’t worry, we can advise you or even upload them ourselves for you.

Professional Video Editing
All our videos are seamlessly edited combining film clips and still images to create smooth running promotional products to capture the attention of your viewers for the whole length of the video.

Titles & Graphics
All graphics and titles used in our videos are included in the prices and are all royalty free.
Fully Produced HD Video
To fully maximise the impact of our videos they are all HD quality and produced to the highest level. A customer will associate a quality High Definition video directly to the quality of your product or service. It’s similar to packaging, if you present the product up in quality packaging the customer is more likely to buy it.

Production Music
All our soundtracks are digitalised and royalty free as we wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of our videos in any way.

Encoding to Web Video Format
There are many video formats out there from AV , Shockwave and Flash to name just a few so can make the video in any format you wish to suit your web site’s platform.

Photo & Images Included
In our videos we sometimes use photos and images and unless specifically supplied by you they all be purchased by us. These will all be royalty and copyright free downloaded from our library built up over the past 5 years so there’s no need to worry about any infringements.

Optional Voice Over
If your promotional video requires a little more impact we recommend a voice over which we can provide you. We have access to many professional voice over artists and can provide you a choice of samples so you can select the right voice to represent your business.

100% Ownership Rights
When we have completed your video it will become your property 100% for you to do with as you will, we only ask that we keep a copy for our portfolio.

So there we have the features and services that we offer so why not take your business to the next level and get ask us to create a video for you to get people talking about YOUR business.