To give you an idea of the quality of the videos we create, here are some examples of work we’ve done for our present clients. The product videos you will notice are fairly simple but very effective at showing both the product and the information/copy provided. If it’s more of a promotional video you’re looking for, say for your web site or exhibition stand, then take a look at the plain wedding rings direct video which you’ll see really captures the attention.

Plain Wedding Rings Direct Promotional Video

Plain Wedding Rings Direct came to us looking for a video to take to all their wedding fairs and they had just one request, make it dynamic to get peoples attention. So armed with some great quality images we first looked for the music which would carry the video and then made the video to accompany the music. They were very happy with our work as were we and now we’re working on a video for their web site.

Vintage T Shirts Promotion Video

We were told to make this one fun and quirky and as we quite a few images to play about with we thought we’d use them to our advantage. So again choosing a piece of music was important so when we found this nice bouncy tune we thought it a perfect match to showcase these vintage t shirts to their max.

GW Garages

Mantles Kia

Fenwick Estates

The Ironing Maiden Promotion Video

The Ironing Maiden could definitely see the power of video when she came to us. With a brief to just keep it simple and informative we put together this video for her and now she’s the local ironing queen.

Wedding Couture Promotion Video

We feel that this is an ideal area to exploit for our customers. If you have high value products we can not only build you a very nice promotional video like this one but also individual product videos to really make your merchandise stand out. Here is a fairly simple video using the clients images and a small clip creating a very nice and elegant video.

Lester Smith Lettings Agent

Product Videos are a prime area for business’s like Estate Agents to really stand out from their competitors, build a brand and drive traffic to their sites generating quality leads. So we were very pleased when Lester Smith approached us recently.

Popcorn Machines Product Video

Now to take my previous statement and show you a good example here we have an expensive item with only one image. With a careful choice of music to keep the video moving and the way the text drops and slides in it all helps keeps your customers attention and therefore helps sell the product.

Bondage247 Product Video

When Bondage247 came to us looking for simple product videos at first we weren’t sure what we were getting into, but after looking at the products we soon came up with this video template. We only had one or two images for these products which is pretty normal for an online store but we think this video shows off the product and sales copy and the dynamic music drives it along nicely.

Quality Putters Product Video

This client was referred to us from a previous client and was adamant that he wanted his videos to match so we did just that. We only thought to include it in here to show that the video still works no matter what product you have to promote.

Local Map Snippet

We thought we’d add this little film snippet of the Google Map zoom in to show what we can to the local business advertisers videos. This is a more exciting way for local businesses to show exactly where they are instead of a boring address