Product Video

Product videos are a brilliant way of not only generating traffic to your site but a major force in converting your browser into a buying customer.Having video of the product next to the buy button will have a much better chance of converting the customer into a buyer.


Portfolio Video

If you're a tradesman, roofer, decorator etc. You will need to show your prospective clients the quality of your work. Give them the styles and design ideas that will help them choose you as their contractor. Nothing will do that better than video.


Web Site Promo Video

Success now depends on you getting your message across to every prospective customer before they hit the back button and video is the vital tool that will grab and retain their attention. How many people leave your site after only 30 seconds?. Keep them online with a great video.


Rabbit Rabbit Videos Feature:

Professional Video Editing

All our videos are seamlessly edited creating smooth running promotional products to capture the attention of your viewers.


Production Music

All our soundtracks are digitalised and royalty free as we wouldn't want to compromise the quality of our videos in any way.


Photo & Images Included

In our videos we sometimes use photos and images and unless specifically supplied by you they all be purchased by us.


Title & Graphics

All the graphics and titles created for use in our videos are included in the prices and are all royalty free.


Encoding to Web Video Format

As videos come in various formats we can make the video in any format you wish to suit your web site's platform.


Optional Voice Over

If your promotional video requires a little more impact we recommend a voice over which we can provide you.


Fully Produced HD Video

To fully maximise the impact of our videos they are all created in High Definition and produced to the highest level.


Submission to Video Sharing Sites

We can also submit all your videos for you to the numerous video sharing websites to really help boost traffic to your site.


100% Ownership Rights

When we have completed your promotional video you have the full ownership rights to it to use it as you desire.


Rabbit Rabbit Video Creation Service

Videos are without doubt the best way of connection with your prospective customer. If you're looking to sell your services or products online then videos are now the ultimate way of doing just that and if you're still not sure then let me explain the benefits of video a little further.

Getting your message across is the name of the game here and it's a proven fact that static images and simple text just doesn't stand up against the power of video. People will happily watch a video but when it comes to reading text, that's a different matter.

Videos are now the most cost effective way of marketing your products and services online.

"Video marketing is the fastest growing area on the web. There is nothing else that comes close to the effectiveness of the medium" - Advertising Age

It's not just about making a video and integrating it into your site. No, videos are much, much more versatile than that. Just take a look around you, on every social network you will see videos being uploaded and linked to. Everyone loves video and that includes Google so when they bought Youtube they obtained what's now the second most popular search engine in the world, which means if you have a video promoting your product or service, you will have another chance to get onto the first page of Google. For example do a Google search for hot tubs, and you will now see Youtube videos appearing in the first page listings. Can you imagine what having a video appear on the first page of Google would do for your business?

"If you're not promoting your business using video, you need to start now before you get left behind." - Advertising Age

The tools to make your video marketing campaign a success are already out there all you need is a little help in getting a quality video so ring us today and we'll help you get people talking about YOUR business.